The importance of periodic maintenance for vehicles cannot be overestimated. Although most maintenance and repairs are best carried out by your dealer, you can best preserve the second-hand value of your vehicle by doing some checks and chores yourself on your moving floor trailer. 


The STAS experts will give you some tips below, and explain which checks you can safely do yourself.





Daily checks


Make sure that the floorplank bolts are fitted securely.


If you can feel any movement between the bolts in the planks and the planks themselves, it is highly recommended that the bolts are replaced.


Where fitted, check the seals between the floor planks.


If there is visible deterioration or damage, it is recommended to replace the seals.


Check your hydraulic pistons.


Working underneath the trailer, take a closer look at the three hydraulic pistons to check for wear and tear, or any obvious damages.


Hydraulic oil check.


Check that there is enough hydraulic oil in the buffer tank (at least 150L). If necessary, top up the oil tank with the right grade of hydraulic
oil (ISO VG 32).



Regular maintenance procedures


Clean out the upper rail twice a week.


The upper rail needs to stay clean to prevent seizure of the sliding wheels, thus blocking the moving bulkhead. You can clean the rail using a compressed air gun. When transporting dusty loads, it is recommended to do this every time after unloading.


Click here to see how best to proceed.


Hydraulic system.


It is recommended to check the condition of the hydraulic oil every six months (hydraulic oil must have a light yellow, olive oil-like color, when the oil is deteriorating, the color turns darker or milky.) The hydraulic oil filter should be replaced every year, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced every two years (or sooner, depending on the results of your daily checks). Visually inspect all the hydraulic connections once a week. Check for dirt, debris, and obvious damages.


Cleaning your moving floor trailer.


To keep your moving floor trailer in optimal condition, cleaning it cannot be overestimated. Not only do you prevent fast wear of the moving floor system and other moving parts,
it’s also a good opportunity to check for other problems.

It is recommended to use a pressure washer (60 -100 bar) with warm water (40 - 60°C) and a light cleaning agent to do this.


TIP: For the first four months, just use cold water. The paint needs to cure for a few months before becoming rock solid.


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