A STAS walking floor trailer is equipped with an aluminium frame to support the moving floor system, and to carry the weight of the load. It goes without saying that this frame has an immense role to play when it comes to the overall strength and stability of the moving floor.

The awareness concerning our planet has been growing at STAS for longer than a day, but this year we took the time to make our intentions concrete. Recently, we have taken determined steps in the right direction and in addition to our well-known pillars 'Product' and 'People', we also integrated a third 'Planet' pillar in our company strategy. In this long term STAS policy we make our green promises and prove that a sustainable transport sector is possible.

Inspecting and maintaining the upper rail of your moving floor trailer on a regular basis has numerous advantages. These handy tips and tricks explain how and why.

The manual, electric or hydraulic moving bulkhead ensures that the entire load is unloaded from your moving floor trailer.

The construction sector is a different story when it comes to transport. In addition to the rough terrain, there is also a very wide range of different loads. There is often a difference between the load of the outgoing cargo and the return cargo, and it also happens that the driver does not know in advance what the return cargo will be.

Often, drivers are no longer allowed to leave their truck during loading and unloading. Also, in some situations it is very difficult to unload without incurring damage, for example when unloading in an asphalt machine or in a quay. As a result, more and more operations are becoming fully automated or controlled from the cabin instead of performing the operation manually on the trailer itself.

In the recycling and agricultural industries transport in bulk (transport of unpackaged goods such as wood, slaughterhouse waste or biomass) is an everyday occurrence.

The importance of periodic maintenance for vehicles cannot be overestimated. Although most maintenance and repairs are best carried out by your dealer, you can best preserve the second-hand value of your vehicle by doing some checks and chores yourself on your moving floor trailer. 

Certain types of cargo make your moving floor very dirty. Sometimes it is even necessary or mandatory to clean between 2 types of loads. Dirt, dust or odor can easily be removed if you have a pressure cleaner on board of your walking floor.

There are two types of drivers: those who have been stuck, and those who have yet to experience it.

STAS has a wide range of cover systems. You can find an optimal solution for each application. In all segments we offer both manual and automatic cover systems.


Check our wide range of products and we will provide a quality transport solution for your needs.



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‘Making bulk transport a long-term pleasure’ is the baseline of STAS. It succinctly expresses what matters to us: sustainability in terms of our products, our people and the planet. 


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